Monday, June 17, 2013

Vibrant and Unexpected African Clothing; The Role of Custom Design in African Wax Prints

When it comes to African clothes the options of fabric to choose from are endless. African Wax Print fabrics are the most widely used because  they are affordable, and come in a vast collection of intricate and interesting patterns as well as  eye catching colors. African Wax Prints are a very versatile fabric, meaning you can use  them to make almost anything and wear them anywhere.

Today for you lovely readers, this post is going to focus on  the different ways you can wear African Wax Prints. I've separated some common techniques into 4 sections: Simple Styles with Simple African Wax Prints, Simple Patterns with Wild African Wax Print,  Wild Styles with Simple African Wax Prints,  and Wild Styles with Wild African Wax Prints.

Simple Style on Simple African Wax Print

made by the designer at!
Henry Holland

Simple Style  on Wild African Wax Print

made by the designer at

Tie Dye Silk Shirt
Wild Style  on Simple African Wax Print

Pencil Skirt
Wild Style on Wild African Wax Print
made by the designer at
Need to find some african print fabric.  Love the detail at the neckline

I own 3 of the photos.The rest are off of  Henry Holland, Topshop,pinterest and from google.
Still Interested? A great place to buy wax prints is right here!:


  1. I love that little red dress. It's so cute! Nice post


    1. I like that dress too. Thanks for the comment!

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  3. The prints are amazing! Ix

  4. yes, i've seen the video to her song! there's parts in it that i like and parts that i don't like so much.. haha :)


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