Friday, June 14, 2013

Summer Appreciation and Californication

Today was the official last day of school *insert cheers and whoops*.  I am so thankful for this day because I felt I needed a break from all my scholastic responsibilities. And when is it not a better time to relax than in the SUMMER! The bright Sun that warms and illuminates almost everything in its path, the puffy white clouds in the blue sky, and the cooling winds that come and go, presenting a nice breeze. Summer is one of the chillest seasons of the year and an all time favorite of mine.

I feel as if the current season is affecting my music taste as well. Recently, I have been listening to The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Best Coast. These are both bands who  are based  in California that play loud, upbeat, and cheery music.  Some of their songs are even inspired by state.  By The Way, Can't Stop, and Dani California are 3 songs that i feel need to be added to my summer soundtrack. The Dani California video is worth looking at, the members dress up as different bands/musicians throughout the ages like Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana. After watching this I kept trying to dance like Elvis. I think that will be a goal for me this summer. Anthony Kiedis has such a great voice , he's one of my favorite singers.

I  snip it some of my favorite scenes from Best Coast's The Only Place music video. I feel that this video is just the epitome of summer. It also inspires me to visit California. 

Possible DIY project?? hmmm...

Sriracha sauce is the best ever. I ate it with instant beef ramen noodles and did not regret it.
all the photos and videos were taken from youtube


  1. Jealous of your no-school-ness. While I'm stuck here in a miserable state wintery blues. Hope you have a wonderful summer <3

  2. I can understand the musical transition. Best Coast and RHCP sing the Sun and Breeze, its natural