Monday, June 24, 2013

Smith Westerns/Yeezy/ SOUL DAY!

Hey guys!  I hope those of you on vacation are making the best out of this sweaty and mosquito dense holiday. I've been having a fun break. It's only been 2 weeks since school let out  and I've already done a lot that I didn't have time to do before  (mostly chill). Its nice to think that there is still more to come (more chilling).

I just got hired at my first job! So I've decided I'm going to save up and see Smith Westerns at the Black Cat in DC next month. I was lured in by their combination of surf guitar and "airy vocals" (you know what I mean by air vocals). Their latest song Varsity, brings the chill with synth chimes and vocal reverbs that send my teenage soul into the clouds. A nice place to be when the weather in your town is apocalyptic.

Speaking of music I've been listening to Kanye's new album "Yeezus". As a fan of Kanye for years, I immediately noticed ( and approved of) the surplus of laser sounds on this album (especially on the track, "On Sight"). Still, my favorite song off the album isn't filled with the lasers Kanye got as a wedding gift from Daft Punk.  "Bound 2" is sweet, rude and soulful all at once. My favorite line is just as confusing;  "They ordered champagne but still look thirsty, rock Forever 21 but just turned thirty". I'm not sure if he's referring to some desperate cougars he likes to bang on the side or the day he laid eyes on his future bride, b/c Kanye is a mystery.


Just like in Stronger and Through the Wire, Kanye selects the sturdiest samples but chooses to lean on his strong lyrics instead.The pause after "falling in love" which was sampled by Ponderosa is filled in the nick of time by Brenda Lee's "uh huh huhney". The high pitched,Motown vocals (reminiscent of most black males in the seventies) remind me of The Young Micheal Jackson. Which is a coincidence since MJ's deathaversary is today.
RIP MJ you will be missed.

All gone now.
In honor of MJ's death, my sister and I have declared today Young Soul Day, a day where we will celebrate the bands that gave us the high pitched voices of pre-pubescent African Americans, the toe-tap inducing slap bass and a lyrics that ranged from "upbeat bubblegum nursery rhymes" to "lyrical gems so soul-searched they have their own empathy"  all delivered by plenty of brass instruments and close harmonies. Music of this genre served many purposes but best for dancing and pining for love (Why choosing soul samples for a Kim K ballad is so appropriate.) So here's some music for the readers but also for Kanye, maybe he'll read this, get some samples to write more songs.

If you wanna dance to music like The Jackson Five's...

 Family Plann: Come On, Let's Do The Breakdown

The Eight Minutes: Here's Some Dancers


If you wanna pine (and still dance) to music like the The Jackson Five's...

                           Little Murray and the Mantics: Don't Leave Me Mama


3 Simmons: You Are My Dream

Bonus: Girl Bands That Sound Like The Jackson Five

Cindy & The Playmates: Now That School Is Thru


The Jackson Sisters: I Believe In Miracles

A playlist and mixtape that I listened to to further my songspiration.

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