Friday, June 7, 2013

Anthony Jeselnik is Bart Simpson Grown Up

Anthony Jeselnik and Bart Simpson are very similar. Both what i consider to be the most conceited, hilariously crass, and physically identical people in comedy history. Just look at their hair! I recommend people to  watch  Anthony's show The Jeselnik Offensive  on comedy central or ( not judging) if you are into very dark humor. He's also made appearances on Celebrity Roasts my favorite being the one he had  with Donald Trump. I've listened to some of his jokes that came off his album Shakespeare.  Jeselnik makes fun of everybody just like Bart Simpson. Its very hard to make the two people embarrassed because they act so cocky. Still i enjoy their jokes very much.  Bart and Anthony both share some very hilarious oneliners. kudos :) I can't speak for my mother though... WARNING: Do NOT watch this if you have sensitive parents/friends/pets they won't find it very humorous. Would you watch Workaholics with your mother  right behind you? I don't think so, honey. I own none of the photos or videos.



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