Sunday, June 30, 2013

Liebster Award

Thank you Aida for nominating us for the Liebster award! You guys should check out her blog, it's pretty rad!

  • You must answer the 11 questions set by the blogger who nominated you
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1. Did you have any new year's resolutions? If you did which ones haven't you broken (yet)?
I still continue to workout which has been a goal of mine since the beginning of the year.

2.If your life was a movie who would you want directing it?
It have to be  a split between Quentin  Tarantino or Wes Anderson
3. What made you start blogging?
I've been reading blogs since 2010 and thought it would be fun to start my own. I wanted to share my ideas, have fun, and meet new people.

4.What are you looking forward to most this Summer?
Learning some new 90's dance movies and not going to school. Mwahahaha

5.What's your star sign?
Capricorn and Leo

6.What's your favorite Crayola crayon color?

7.If you could be best friends with any character from a book, who would it be?
I would have been friends with Celie from The Color Purple. I would've been a better friend to her than Shug Avery and Nettie combined.

8. Laduree are going to make a dessert named after you. What would be in it?
Dark Chocolate, Cheesecake, Almonds, and Honey.

9. Do you collect anything?
Postcards from museums, movie posters, money, and men's hearts

10. What's your favourite font?
Times New Roman, because I've been brainwashed by teachers that it is the only acceptable font out there.

11. Do you prefer the morning or the evening?
I enjoy waking up in the morning rather than falling asleep in the evening. I enjoy hearing the birds chirp and the light creep through my curtains during the morning.

1.Would you rather collaborate with Karl Lagerfeld or Jeremy Scott?
2.Would you want to travel to New York or  Morocco?
3.If anyone/group would write a song after you, who would that person/group be?
4.Dance till you're dead or sing till you're silent?
5.Which author would you want to write a story based on you?
6.What is your dream job?
7.What is one item on your Wishlist?
8.Would you rather have a vacation home in the mountains or on a beach?
9.If you could be friends with 3 famous people who would you choose?
10.Do you prefer sweet or savory foods?
11.Would you want the power to fly or turn invisible?

I nominate:

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Happy 20th Birthday Ariana Grande!!!: We Know You're a Pothead

Here, at Chiffon Cloud we honor the dead and mock the living. So, today we poke fun at one of our favorite performers on her birthday, Ariana Grande. See her screw up on the (unjustly ended) Nickelodeon series, "Victorious".

It's everyone else who likes to see Young Hollywood crash and burn, not me. I love the youth and respect that their/our journey to self-realization occurs in world that will eventually needs them/us to run it. That's pressure guys, try to cut them/us some slack.
How everyone else looks judging Young Hollywood
I'm almost certain society resents seeing the young earn more money than the old, especially with less education and in less time. I suspect this resentment is fueled by long lived misconceptions linking payroll to work capacity. If Young Hollywood doesn't deserve the money they earn, does that mean they deserve to be ridden with vices & mental illness? Here's where I blame the parents who stop being parents so they can get paid by their kids.
"FINE, Todd Bridges, YOU pay the bills. So the meth lab stays."
That doesn't mean that I like my young stars without edge, I just don't like seeing them cut themselves on that edge. Lohan and Bynes are two examples of girls who have fallen into the trap of being "Starlets" instead of being comedians/actresses. But I blame it all on the drugs; bc court cases, rehab and Twitter battles are much easier to do drunk/pilled up than a movie/tv series.

"Always something for you at the office, though Lindsay" 
So why am I fine with  Ariana Grande's passive aggressive admissions of marijuana use? Because she's still working! She fits it into her schedule to smoke weed, brag about it on camera, and make an album.  Just call me Pharaoh, because I'm a sucker for those hard-working actresses who do everything and have lavish breaks to assure me they're human. 

And since she's human, I don't see anything wrong with her wanting to take the edge off. She usually rocks clear eyes but now and again she can be caught slipping. I'm watching you, Grande as well as the other stoners at Dan Schneider's Bakery. 

The Proof 

Before this investigation was opened, I had long suspected Grande because of her role as Cat Valentine on Nickelodeon's "Victorious". But since the sudden end of the series this past February, Grande has linked up with iCarly's (another Nick show that recently ended) Jennette McCurdy and stars in "Sam & Cat". I'm sure it's fine that I'm making serious conclusions about her life based on a fictional character she plays, too.
                                                     Scenes From "Sam & Cat"
This is her 10 year old "hair" dealer.

Her dealer sold her a strain  called "Justin Bieber."


Cat Valentine's Munchies
snip, snip pass.
Cat is sharing that good good licorice. Look at Andre's heavy lidded eyes.

It's all mine and  I'm not sharing!
She doesn't share when she has the serious munchies.

Cat on Victorious

Her true form

"I'm a kite!" Yeah, she sure looks higher than a kite.

Do you mind if I smoke your plant?

Maybe I should braid a joint later. Hmmm...
Rolling with Mac Miller in "The Way"
She did a song with Mac Miller. He's the "dopest" rapper of her generation
His secret is safe with her.

They are flying higher than that balloon.


Grande and Liz Gillies Film in the Bathroom in "Strange Night" 

Her Laugh

Happy Birthday, Ariana Grande! I'm sure you're spending it somewhere nicer than I'm spending my summer (sticking to my seat at home) but you've earned it for staying alive 20 years. 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Smith Westerns/Yeezy/ SOUL DAY!

Hey guys!  I hope those of you on vacation are making the best out of this sweaty and mosquito dense holiday. I've been having a fun break. It's only been 2 weeks since school let out  and I've already done a lot that I didn't have time to do before  (mostly chill). Its nice to think that there is still more to come (more chilling).

I just got hired at my first job! So I've decided I'm going to save up and see Smith Westerns at the Black Cat in DC next month. I was lured in by their combination of surf guitar and "airy vocals" (you know what I mean by air vocals). Their latest song Varsity, brings the chill with synth chimes and vocal reverbs that send my teenage soul into the clouds. A nice place to be when the weather in your town is apocalyptic.

Speaking of music I've been listening to Kanye's new album "Yeezus". As a fan of Kanye for years, I immediately noticed ( and approved of) the surplus of laser sounds on this album (especially on the track, "On Sight"). Still, my favorite song off the album isn't filled with the lasers Kanye got as a wedding gift from Daft Punk.  "Bound 2" is sweet, rude and soulful all at once. My favorite line is just as confusing;  "They ordered champagne but still look thirsty, rock Forever 21 but just turned thirty". I'm not sure if he's referring to some desperate cougars he likes to bang on the side or the day he laid eyes on his future bride, b/c Kanye is a mystery.


Just like in Stronger and Through the Wire, Kanye selects the sturdiest samples but chooses to lean on his strong lyrics instead.The pause after "falling in love" which was sampled by Ponderosa is filled in the nick of time by Brenda Lee's "uh huh huhney". The high pitched,Motown vocals (reminiscent of most black males in the seventies) remind me of The Young Micheal Jackson. Which is a coincidence since MJ's deathaversary is today.
RIP MJ you will be missed.

All gone now.
In honor of MJ's death, my sister and I have declared today Young Soul Day, a day where we will celebrate the bands that gave us the high pitched voices of pre-pubescent African Americans, the toe-tap inducing slap bass and a lyrics that ranged from "upbeat bubblegum nursery rhymes" to "lyrical gems so soul-searched they have their own empathy"  all delivered by plenty of brass instruments and close harmonies. Music of this genre served many purposes but best for dancing and pining for love (Why choosing soul samples for a Kim K ballad is so appropriate.) So here's some music for the readers but also for Kanye, maybe he'll read this, get some samples to write more songs.

If you wanna dance to music like The Jackson Five's...

 Family Plann: Come On, Let's Do The Breakdown

The Eight Minutes: Here's Some Dancers


If you wanna pine (and still dance) to music like the The Jackson Five's...

                           Little Murray and the Mantics: Don't Leave Me Mama


3 Simmons: You Are My Dream

Bonus: Girl Bands That Sound Like The Jackson Five

Cindy & The Playmates: Now That School Is Thru


The Jackson Sisters: I Believe In Miracles

A playlist and mixtape that I listened to to further my songspiration.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Vibrant and Unexpected African Clothing; The Role of Custom Design in African Wax Prints

When it comes to African clothes the options of fabric to choose from are endless. African Wax Print fabrics are the most widely used because  they are affordable, and come in a vast collection of intricate and interesting patterns as well as  eye catching colors. African Wax Prints are a very versatile fabric, meaning you can use  them to make almost anything and wear them anywhere.

Today for you lovely readers, this post is going to focus on  the different ways you can wear African Wax Prints. I've separated some common techniques into 4 sections: Simple Styles with Simple African Wax Prints, Simple Patterns with Wild African Wax Print,  Wild Styles with Simple African Wax Prints,  and Wild Styles with Wild African Wax Prints.

Simple Style on Simple African Wax Print

made by the designer at!
Henry Holland

Simple Style  on Wild African Wax Print

made by the designer at

Tie Dye Silk Shirt
Wild Style  on Simple African Wax Print

Pencil Skirt
Wild Style on Wild African Wax Print
made by the designer at
Need to find some african print fabric.  Love the detail at the neckline

I own 3 of the photos.The rest are off of  Henry Holland, Topshop,pinterest and from google.
Still Interested? A great place to buy wax prints is right here!:

Sunday, June 16, 2013

NEW WEBSTORE: Fashions of Africa

Hey guys! So recently me and my sister have  set up an online store called Fashions of Africa. We sell african wax prints,Vintage Italian shoes, and soon much more! You can check the store out here

The wax prints have the most beautiful and colorful illustrations and patterns that you can't find elsewhere, The wax prints are rad because you can use them for almost anything. You can use them to sew clothes, make curtains,make headbands, pillowcases, and even as a tapestry for photos.Our wax prints are a very versatile type of fabric so you can use them for any sort of art project Its like Fabric art!  Fabart! *drum roll* Below are examples of the wax prints we sell

     Crazy Eights: African Wax Print 6YARDS Oh My Stars!:African Wax Print 6YARDS  Lilies in the Sun:Orange, Burgundy and Teal: African Wax Print 6YARDS    Red Leaves and Teal Streams: African Wax Print Fabric 6YARDS     The Right Direction: African Wax Print 6YARDS

Check out this dress made with wax print  modeled by my lovely sister Uchenna.


The prints remind me of  the ones used in Marc Jacobs 2010 Spring RTW line


As I mentioned before, we are also selling vintage Italian shoes. Some can be seen below

Vintage Italian Pointy Seafoam Floral Slingbacks Size 38 EU / 6.5-7 US        Vintage Italian Striped iridescent orange and black short heels 38 EU / 6.5 - 7 US