Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Break 2013

I am sitting here enjoying the 4th day of my Spring Break,Which consists of watching too many movies and television, staying up late, sleeping in for copious hours, cleaning *gags*, reading, and exercising . Right now I'm procrastinating on my homework which is due after break. I'm going to try to make it as bearable as possible by listening to music  and keeping calm (wish me luck :P). I've just heard this great  playlist created by this cool chick Tasya from  Vague Visions  ( It is a perfect combination of sunny and refreshing but with splashes of a  rageful and melancholic tone that just pieces everything together. I think it's becoming the soundtrack to my Spring Break.The playlist was perfect for  laying in my room and dancing. I've also discovered this new band who reminds me of a combination of Passion Pit, Phoenix, and Smith Westerns (AWESOME BAND TRIFECTA , y'all!) This band is called Dash and I am obsessed with their new song Home.  The electronic beat is stuck in my head and is putting me in a bright and hopeful mood. Its finally getting warmer around where I am and I am going to enjoy the sunlight as much as i can which includes curling up next to it like a cat.:)


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