Friday, April 5, 2013

Inspired by Spring Breakers/ Easter Egg

I am saddened to say that I don't think I can expect to see Spring Breakers anytime soon. I have a lot on my plate and other circumstances are causing me to just wait till i can watch it online. In the meanwhile, I created a post full of photos and clothes that remind me of the latest Harmony Korine flick, expect to see lots of neon colors and pastels like vomit pink and slime green along with cutoffs and crops tops. Tell me if you guys enjoyed the movie no significant spoilers please! :) I had For the Ladies by Easter Egg on repeat while making this and thought it meshed well with the movie. Its a mashup that includes electronic songs and rap songs, sometimes he'll remix crystal castles with Lil John and it makes for a great dance track (Peanut Butter Fairy). What kind of music are you guys into?

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All set photos are on google

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